Ultrasound has gained increased popularity as a medical imaging technique due to its low cost, ease of use, and versatility. However, some challenges remain, especially for ultrasound-guided interventions:

● ORs and practice rooms can be crowded, resulting in non-ideal placement of ultrasound devices and screens

● Patient and needle entry site are out of sight while consulting the ultrasound image, resulting in reduced hand-eye coordination for the clinician

● Non-ergonomic placement of ultrasound screens can negatively impact health and performance of clinician

● This might negatively impact accuracy and time of the intervention, and lead to an increased probability of adverse events resulting from the intervention

A new era of ultrasound with mixed reality

With the SonoEyes software running on a mixed reality headset…

● the ultrasound image appears on an additional virtual screen

● space limitations are a thing of the past

● the in-situ image is displayed at its anatomic location

● ultrasound examinations are accessible to practitioners across many specialties and levels of training

How does it work?

A point-of-care ultrasound solution that is hands-free, fast & mobile.

What makes it special?

Virtual screens offer new perspectives

● Individual placement for optimized ergonomics

● Resizing via a hands-free interface (voice input) or holographic buttons

● Repositioning during US-guided procedures

● Does not occupy physical space

● Highly accurate image at its anatomic location through real-time 3D-tracking of the probe

SonoEyes serves medical professionals for ultrasound diagnostics, guided interventions, and training.

What might be the future of ultrasound?
Disruptive technology and digitalization:

● Ultrasound device sizes are reduced to the max and fully mobile

● Hands-free usability

● Ultrasound images follow our eyes instantly

● A sonographic view allows a look into the body

● Interventions are fully guided

● Diagnostics are supported by AI

Incremed – who are we?

● Interdisciplinary team of engineers and clinicians joining forces to improve medicine

● Based in Zurich, Switzerland

● Founded 1 September 2018

● Incremed AG is a start-up of Balgrist Beteiligungs AG

● EN ISO 13485:2016 certified (eQMS)

Move to the next level of point-of-care ultrasound examinations.
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