Telemedicine based on self-measurement of disease activity may be one of the key components to create the health care system of the future. If patients use an app to self-monitor their disease and self-initiate care at the right moment, this could lead to a reduction in outpatient clinic visits, with benefits to healthcare burden and costs. For this purpose, we developed a mobile phone app for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In this talk I discuss the development and evaluation of our app.


Bart Seppen


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bart Seppen is a medical graduate student at Reade Rheumatology in Amsterdam. Together with Wouter Bos, Jim Wiegel and Brightfish B.V. he is working on the development of the MijnReuma Reade app  and its integration into daily clinical practice. His research focusses on the implementation of this app and the adherence to eHealth interventions in rheumatology.

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