In our 14th podcast, Prof Hügle welcomes Prof. Teng to discuss digital solutions and their role in patient care for lupus patients.

Prof. Teng is a nephrology clinician-scientist and lupus expert at the department of Internal Medicine, in the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. He is passionate about optimizing patient care by novel approaches in outpatient clinics, research, and digital solutions. He is also president of the Autoimmune Research & Collaboration Hub (ARCH), a national initiative organizing a medical expertise platform on systemic autoimmune diseases for patients and healthcare providers in the Netherlands.

At the launch of the LupusLog Patient App in Switzerland, Prof. Hügle and Prof. Teng present concrete and practical examples on how digital solutions can be leveraged to optimize lupus patient care pathways already today.

They further provide an outlook into the future: What is the importance to connect such solutions to electronic healthcare systems? How integrated future solutions help monitor remission, predict flares and thus reduce intensity of care might look like?


LupusLog App supports lupus patients to keep an interactive diary that can serve as a basis for discussion for their next medical visit – and much more (weather forecasts (e.g. UV index), options to track their medication plans and symptoms etc.)!



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