The Rheumatology Tool is an easy to use expert software. With the input of anamnestic data, symptoms or findings, the number of possible diagnoses is automatically reduced. The software reliably suggests the most plausible diagnoses, ordered by probability, as well as the next steps of clarification for their further differentiation. The tool thus leads you quickly to the most probable diagnosis and helps you to avoid unnecessary analyses. 


KD Dr. med. Giorgio Tamborrini

UZR – Ultraschall Zentrum Rheumatologie Basel, Switzerland


Tamborrini Giorgio (MD) is Head of departement of the Rheumatology and Ultrasound Center in Basle, Switzerland. Since  more than 10 years he is Ultrasound Teacher and Course Instructor of the Swiss society of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (SGUM). Furthermore he is Past-president of SONAR (swiss sonography group in arthritis and rheumatism). Additionally he is a EULAR ultrasound teacher, member of the EULAR standing committee in imaging, member of the EULAR Network of Imaging Training Centres, member of the EULAR study group on anatomy for the image and member of the EULAR project leaders of the On-Line MSUS course.

As EFSUMB Level 3 Sonographer and EFSUMB MSK atlas coordinator, he is founder of QIR (quality in rheumatology), a Network of Centers of Excellence in MSK Ultrasound. All his MSUS books and MSUS projects are published here:

As a clinical lecturer at the University of Zurich he has developed several learning tools and published quality guidelines.

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