The 3rd Digital Rheumatology Day was a hybrid conference on May 6, 2021 at the University Hospital Lausanne that successfully connected clinicians, researchers, and technologists from all over the world in the field of digital rheumatology. The goal of the conference was to share information and collaborate to improve healthcare access and delivery for rheumatologic patients. Over the past year, the current global pandemic not only presented many challenges in healthcare, but also accelerated advances particularly in the fields of telemedicine, AI, and digital health apps. The 3rd Digital Rheumatology Day highlighted the current evidence from digital experts and displayed the exciting future directions of research in these areas. Dr. Hans concluded the conference with the following advice: “Do not give up!” Research in digital rheumatology is challenging work, but the innovation seen throughout the 3rd Digital Rheumatology Day inspires promising future endeavors to improve quality of care for our patients with rheumatologic diseases

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