Artificial Intelligence (AI), and decisions made or prepared by AI, are among the greatest challenges of our time. Artificial decision-making is already fundamentally shaping our lives as well as changing our understanding of the world, our perception of each other, and our ways of communication, interaction, and exchange. These developments present challenges not only for law and legal science but also for many other sciences that must address both the potential and the risks inherent in artificial decision-making. An interdisciplinary academic debate about its social and legal impact is urgently needed to prepare the ground for our future with AI.

We have identified three separate, but interlaced, meta topics which may help to foster a fruitful interdisciplinary debate about AI: autonomy, responsibility, and control. Under these meta topics, we will discuss a variety of questions that bear relevance not only to law but also to philosophy, sociology, politics, theology, economics, and computer science. At the same time, the differing disciplinary perspectives will deepen our understanding of the legal questions arising from artificial decision-making.