The increasing use of smartphones is accompanied by a significant increase in the use of mobile applications (apps). Chronically ill patients could permanently profit from this development.This development is fuelled by the Digital Healthcare Act (DVG), whereby patients have a legal claim to certain apps, so-called digital health applications (DiGAs), which are reimbursed by the statutory health insurance companies. Especially in the field of rheumatology, there are various opportunities to implement apps in the management of chronic diseases and their comorbidities. Furthermore, rheumatic patients and rheumatologists are becoming interested in apps and are willing to use them in the daily routine. This article tries to shed light on the chances and risks of apps and gives a first insight into the digital landscape of rheumatology apps in Germany.

Author Information:

M. Krusche, N. RufferM. Grahammer & J. Knitza MHBA